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Currency Exchange Service

  • If you are looking for a currency exchange provider that is always available, reliable and affordable, SMJ Teratai is the choice for you.
  • Our more than 30 years of experience speaks volumes of our expertise in handling your currency exchange needs any day of the year.
  • Our network is vast and dependable, providing the finest service for our clients. From hotels to international students, you can count on us to deliver the best money changing service the country has to offer every day, including public holidays.

Corporate Remittance Service

  • We specialize in funds transfer and currency exchange. Our wide range of services is specially designed to suit your business needs. We believe in being quick, safe and affordable. Using our services means your business gets a boost with substantial savings.
  • We provide a range of benefits that most Financial Institutions don’t offer. Our easy, one-time documentation makes it even more convenient. Our flexible working hours, dedicated relationship officers ensure that we work the same hours as you. We always aim to take your business further and help you to make it more profitable.

International Remittance Service

  • Economical. Send money at competitive exchange rates for low transfer fees with the SMJ Teratai Express Service.
  • Convenient. You can send money via any SMJ Teratai store location. Your beneficiary can easily access the money, either by cash pick-up or by having the funds deposited into an account at the receiving destination.
  • Dependable. Your money is delivered quickly and safely by a financial institution you trust.

SMJ is among the few CLASS “A” MSB Licensee providing remittance and money changing services to GLC, Multinationals, SMEs (B2B) and foreign workers in Malaysia.

  • We are a part of the Teratai Group which have been involved in the money services business for more than 30 years.
  • We offer remittance services to more than 80 countries worldwide
  • Over the years, we have set new industry standards by delivering excellent services and offering best prices to our customers.
We have achieved more than 100 % sales growth every year as one of the leading MSB licensee and will achieve annual sales of more than RM1 billion in the current year.

Our Main Currency Channels


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Copyright © 2023 by SMJ. All Rights Reserved.
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