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  Q. What kind of currency can I remit?
A. We accept remittance for the following currencies: Malaysia Ringgit, Thailand Baht, Philippines Peso, Indonesia Rupiah, Bangladeshi Taka, Indian Rupees, Chinese Yuan and New Taiwan Dollar.
  Q. Will the money be successfully transferred on the same day?
A. For a transaction carried out before 11.30am, the beneficiary will receive the money on the same day with our Express Service.
  Q. What are the details that I need to prepare?
A. You need to provide the receiver’s name, address, bank, and account number. If the receiver has no bank account, you can use the receiver’s identity card instead.
  Q. I am too busy. How can I send money without leaving the home or office?
A. Don’t worry. If you cannot come to us, we will go to you. Just call us at 6291 2991. Or fill up the remittance application form and fax it to us. We will visit your house or office with a computer printed official receipt to collect your money.
  Q. What are the costs involved per transaction?
A. You only need to pay for the service charge. There are no commissions, cable or telex charges.
  Q. What is the minimum amount that I can remit?
A. There is no minimum amount. You pay the same service charge for any transacted amount.
  Q. How do I know that my money is safe?
A. We are licensed by MAS and have been in business since 1992. Each transaction is guaranteed with a bank credit slip from the foreign country. Upon request, you can inspect the bank credit slip 7 working days after remitting your money.
  Q. How soon will the beneficiary receive the money?
A. Your beneficiary will receive the money within 1 to 2 working days.
  Q. What is the payment mode?
A. You can either pay by cheque or transfer into our bank accounts via ATM or Internet banking. Click here for more information.
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