Currency exchange

Currency Exchange

  • If you are looking for a currency exchange provider that is always available, reliable and affordable, SMJ Teratai is the choice for you.
  • With more than 30 years of experience, we have the expertise in handling your currency exchange needs.
  • Our money exchange rates are competitive and most importantly, is available all year round with no hidden cost.

Why Choose SMJ Teratai

Competitive exchange rates
We offer competitive
exchange rates.
Extensive and rapidly- growing network
SMJ Teratai has an extensive and rapidly-
growing network of money changers.
Quick, reliable, secure and convenient
Our service is quick, reliable,
secure and convenient.
Adequate quantity of major currencies
We strive to ensure that our counters have
adequate quantity of major currencies.
Not charge any handling fee or agent commission
We do not charge any handling fee or
agent commission.